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Al-Ottoman Empire massacre against the alawites

Al-Ottoman Empire massacre against the alawites

By: Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed


Question: What do we say about the tolal massacre that the Ottomans committed against the Alawites on this day from five centuries ago?

This is the answer by Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed

The light of Al-Hamdaniyah state got illuminated when it was led by the Alawi faithful leader , Saif al-Dawahla-al Hamdani, who was one of the students of knowledge at the school of our master al-Husayn ibn Hamdan al-Khusaybi. The children of the Alawi path were concentrated in Aleppo and its areas. But from that time many massacres were committed Against our ancestors in Aleppo, when zinky family started first campaign against our ansisters in Aleppo resulting in the shedding of a lot of innocent blood, and then came after Saladin and some Ayyubis after him carrying all their hatred and launched a campaign more severe and violent than the previous Ones, And its roots spread from the sixth century to the tenth century until the tenth century of migration, until came the tyrant Selim the first who committed one of the most terrible massacres committed by the Ottomans against the alawites in Aleppo, where more than forty-four thousand Alawite of Anatolia, and on 24 April 1517, after the war that started on the state Hamdaniyah In the sixteenth century AD, the massacre of the Great Mosque in Aleppo by the tyrant Selim The first with the fatwa of the evil son of Timmiyah may god curse him, which claimed the lives of more than forty thousand worshipers and claimed the lives of thousands innocent children , women’s and sheiks over the years And the women and elders in the area (Telal) located west of the castle, which was also named like that because of the withering heads of those fundamentalists radicals , and this terrible crime was supported by Noah Hanafi, who released a fatwa saying alawites are outside of religion must be killed. And by this fatwa the faithful believers of Aleppo were wiped out with their money and the displacement of the rest, and it was said that the number of martyrs was more than two hundred thousand martyrs of men, children, women and elders.

After the genocide and the elimination of most of the men, the tyrant Selim anaan unleashed his soldiers in the conquest of the city for three days in its nights, where the soldiers of the tyrant were absolved of everything. They left nothing but to tempt it, and they did not leave a crime except by committing it. and did not commit any harm unless they did it and nothing was left but stole it and looted it, and then the sheikhs of the tyrant pointed to him imposing his religious doctrine on every land under his control and who ever rejected this , his money , pride and blood was permissible to take .

This is the text of the letter sent by the commander of the Ottoman massacres to the areas inhabited by the Alawites to the tyrant Selim The first which is preserved in the French National Library of Strasbourg, the Arabic Manuscripts Department.

The letter as follows ” the implementation of the orders of his magisty , the decisions and recommendations has been implemented , and killing who ever lived near the villages of Nasiriyah to the jungles of the bridge and the door of Eagle, to Shizar and Wadi Khaled, until victory was written to us and they will have no presence anymore over time, and concluded the country of the scourge of their corruption , And settled the religion of Islam in the Levant, and no remain for Nasseriyah from homes and will not live on the land of the great Sultan Salim, and their remaining as was eaten by the monsters of the mountains and crocodiles of the jungle, and long live for the great Sultan ).

On this biography, we recall that in the month of Ramadan in 1212 AH, a terrible massacre was carried out by the Ottoman Turks, where the great sedition in Aleppo, So the Alawi masters resorted to the mosque of ( Atroush) and got trapped in it and prevented from the water, until the doors of the mosque got opened and the destruction of Bakjriah came upon them and cattled Their stomachs and threw them in the wells alive, and then attacked their neighborhoods in Aleppo, and they took the residents completely except the children, so the neighborhood was called by their name: (neighbourhood of the children), which forced our ancestors to remain silent and cover up in one of the doctrines of The four sects until most were almost extinct in Aleppo and most of them got converted to sunism , and some of them remained in the homes of people who were thrown out by people as apostates. Some of them still maintained the doctrine of Ahl al-Bayt, which is not permitted only to those who they only trust . These massacres included the number of our ancestors got killed who non knows except Allah , which led to their refuge to their secluded brethren for the same reason in the far reaches of the countryside and in the heads of the mountains and its western Syrian foothills, and all of them had their innate habits of fear and panic from the ravages of time, And spiritual teachings of heaven.


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