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A new document about the phenomenon of those called “New Alawites”

A new document about the phenomenon of those called “New Alawites”


A recently published document called “Declaration of Identity Reform “, was issued by authors claiming that they are leaders of the Alawite sect representing a third model within Islam. They claim to represent 25 % of the Alawites in Syria and they distance themselves form the Assad school of thought.  However the source of this document is unknown.

Because of the strange content of this published document Sputnik decided to conduct this meeting with Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed, a religious researcher and Professor of Economics at Tishreen University in Syria, to ask his opinion on this document and to reveal its circumstances.

Sputnik:  Why this document and why at this particular time? What is its goal and what is the reason behind its publishing ?

Dr. Ahmed:  In the name of God the Merciful, the Beneficent.  Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon the faithful Prophet, the infallible Imams, the Companions of the Imams and those who follow them.

Every now and then hateful pens write the strangest allegations about the followers of the Alawi school of thought.  On one occasion describing them as not belonging to Islam,  on another  describing them as deviated from the truth, on another claiming that it is a newly founded doctrine, etc…

The sources of these hateful pens vary from being Masonic trying to install aversion towards  the true civilized Mohammedan Islam or from Orientalists like Louis Massignon, Dassault, Ali Akbar Diya’i, the Belgian Jesuit Father Henri Lammens and others trying to discredit the Alawi school of thought.

You can also add to these sources the Wahhabis or Ikhwanis trying to distort the true bright image of the followers of the House of the Messenger of Allah and spreading deadly poison in the Islamic society, such as: Mustafa Shaka’a, Abdul Rahman Badawi and Taki Sharaf Al Deen and not taking into account their predecessors al-Ghazali and Ibn Taymiyah and Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab.

And among them are also some of the hate spreading mercenaries who claim to be to Alawites, like Sulaiman Al Adani, Mohammed Amin Ghalib Al Tawil, Abu Mousa Al Hariri and others.  For sure we distance ourselves from them, their lies and their fabrications.

Also articles published without mentioning the source nor the name of the authors belong to these hateful pens spreading lies in order to discredit the Alawi school of thought.

Sputnik:  What justifies the anonymity of the source of this “Declaration of Identity Reform “ document and what is your comment on the allegation that Alawites appeared in the 10th century AD and that the title Alawites was given to them only recently ?

Dr. Ahmed:  These allegations are baseless because the followers of the Alawi school of thought committed themselves fully to the true Mohammedan Islam and accepted the  Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali as vicegerent and successor of prophet Mohammed in compliance with the Quranic text: “Verily your Lord is Allah, His Messenger and the believers, whom gave charity while praying”.  This verse was revealed in favor of Imam Ali and is a known fact in all the books of interpretation.  The true companions of Imam Ali lived by this Quranic verse and accepted the mandate of Imam Ali and this is the case for every follower till the appearance of the Mahdi.  The name of these true believers are the Alawites.

Sputnik:  Recently the authors of this alleged document claimed in a statement to the BBC that the leader Bashar al-Assad has no legitimacy nor the state that was founded since 1971.  They even call for an uprising against the Assad school of thought, as they called it!  Also in their document they support the idea of federalism and claim that this political system was  historically a fact in Syria.  Another statement is that they absolve the Syrian extremists of every act committed against the Alawites be it in the form of persecution or aggression. How do you respond to that ?

Dr. Ahmed:  This statement is considered betrayal vis-à-vis the martyrs, those who sacrificed their live for Syria and the defenders of the homeland because the Syrian extremists killed and slaughtered everyone regardless to which sect they belonged, whether he was an Alawi or not, they killed innocent people simply because they were loyal to the homeland and supported the rightful leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad and the Syrian Arab army.  The question is, are the authors of these declarations backed by Saudi Arabia or by the extremists of the Sultanate of Erdogan or by their masters in the Israeli Mossad in order to serve the Israeli interests ?

Sputnik:  What is your opinion about those so called “New Alawites” who at the end of the document declare themselves as the sons of the Syrian land and the brothers of the Syrian people and returning back to the voice of the collective consciousness  of the Alawites which will be in complete harmony with the new Syria ?

Dr. Ahmed:  Is their description, “The New Alawites, a gate way to the new Syria”, an extension of the right-wing neo-conservative thought that believes in the power and dominance of America all over the world ?  Or the New Israeli Historians who narrate a new account on the establishment of Israel ?

Once again this is a false document that does not represent the true Alawites who defend  Syria and all the rightful cases of every country.  Which is by the way the policy of the immortal leader Hafez al-Assad and the policy of the steadfast leader Bashar al-Assad.  Note that the Alawites are part of the Syrian fabric.  This fabric is dynamic, diverse and unique in its harmony and this is what the enemies are trying to destroy.

Sputnik:  There is a dangerous statement in the document saying that the Alawites adopted many aspects in their belief originating from  Judaism and Christianity and according to them this is proven by the fact that the Alawites are so open and emancipated.  What is your response to that?

 Dr. Ahmed:  Since there is no rivalry between reason and religion, between science and religion and between logic and religion, our search for religion is a search for its moral values regardless the difference in behavior and conduct or manifestation of the religions.  Why do we need to adopt or introduce Judaic or Christian aspect in order to be emancipated and universal ?

Their saying that we have introduced some beliefs of Judaism and Christianity as evidence of our universality is false because the teachings of Moses and Jesus (PBUH) in which we believe have nothing to do with it.  We believe in the pure values of Islam  that were preached by Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad peace be upon them.  The teachings of Moses and Jesus in which we believe have nothing to do with Judaic convictions and interpretations because that’s  the interpretation of their religious leaders and is not necessarily correct.   The same regarding the convictions of Muslims, not everything the Muslim scholars interpret and present us is correct or in complete harmony with the true teachings of Mohammed.

Sputnik:  Do you support their statement in their document where they say that the Islam put in practice in our daily life may require human intervention by interpretation ?

Dr. Ahmed:  Of course not because this in contradiction with our Alawi school of thought.  We reject “human” interpretations and opinions in regards with religion.  We adhere to the texts of the Koran, the prophet and the Imams based on what Imam Ali said : ”do not interpret  religion  because the command of God is fix”.   And Imam Jaafar Sadiq said: “two things are destructive, random fatwa’s or condemn what you ignore”.

Sputnik:  So you confirm that this document is forged ?

Dr. Ahmed:  This document is baseless and we do not know who wrote it and who published it in order to distort the monotheistic and authentic Islamic Alawi school of thought who derived his monotheism from the sayings of prophet Muhammed, the commander of the faithful Imam Ali, the infallible Imams, the true companions and who followed them from our Alawi leaders such as Abu Shu’aib Muhammed ibn Nusayr and Abu Abdullah Al-Hussein bin Hamdan Al Khusaibi.  These two  Alawi leaders revived the tradition of the household of the prophet but the wrongdoers did the best they can in order to hide their benefits and merits out of envy and hate.

If the authors of this forged document were right in what they wrote, they would have declared their names without fear.  When our Alawi leaders wrote about our school of thought they had nothing to hide and declared their names proudly.  They defended our school in debates with Al Azhar scholars, scholars of Qom, Shiraz and Najaf.  They answered to ever allegation.  Among these Alawi leaders, whom we are proud of, are the philosopher Imad al-Din al-Ghassani, the philosopher Hassan Shirazi, the scientist  Hussein Ahmed and the Prince Almakhzoun Al Sinjari.

Today I invite the authors of this false document to reveal their names and to engage in a debate with me  if they really have the argument and the proof of what they are claiming. But I am confident that they will not dare because they are liars and their goals are not noble.  Their aim is to serve the Wahhabis, the Zionist and the Freemasons.  Those people who accuse us and our school, if they are really confident in what they claim and sincere in their intentions, they should face us with tangible evidence.  The Koran says :”Those we attacked you, attack them like they attacked you”. Imam Ali said : “Throw the stone back from where it was thrown”.  I end my speech by quoting Christ, who said :”You bad scholars, weren’t you dead and the Lord revived you and when He revived you, you died because you continued advocating evil and refrained from obeying God’s commands.

Sputnik:  Thank you for this meeting.  What are your last words you want to say ?

Dr. Ahmed:  The word of truth will remain bright no matter how its enemies try to extinguish it, but God refuses to extinguish the light of His Word.

Interviewed by: Naowaf Ibrahim

Source: Russian Sputnik


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